Our Story

We were founded by a group of female professionals and entrepreneurs in 2017. We are dedicated to helping the left-behind children in China.

Below is a timeline of our founders' accomplishments and milestones.



Worked together with Mifan Mama to bring support to an orphanage in Anhui, China. Mifan Mama is an organization aiming to bring basic food supplies to underdeveloped orphanages across China.


Bright Star Kids Organization was founded! Our founders have since been working hard to realize their vision of helping the left-behind kids out of the economic hole they've sunken into.


Worked with Heart to Heart, a charity organization aiming to help treat children with congential heart diseases. By funding otherwise unaffordable surgeries and treatments, Heart to Heart has helped over a thousand families and their children.


Our pilot teaching program was launched in Guangxi, China. We taught English in elementary schools and learned a great deal about the left-behind children.

Our Future is with YOU!

As Bright Star grows, we'll be increasingly reliant on generous volunteers and donors. People like you are what keep our organization together, and we look forward to working with you!

Brighten our Future